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Transferring your certification to BSI is easy, and you will be able to promote the fact that you are certified by the world's leading management systems certification body.

The transfer Process

Getting added value from your certification with BSI
BSI maintains registration through a surveillance audit and re-assessment process.  Throughout assessments with BSI, the focus is on continual improvement, not just maintaining compliance. We encourage assessments every 6 months rather than annually, to provide assurance that progress continues to be made within the intent of the standard subscribed to.

The re-assessment fulfills 2 objectives.  It meets the regulatory requirements of a review of the entire quality management system every 3 years.  Secondly and most importantly the process that BSI employs aims to add value to your business.  Many people see the re-assessment as starting over.  However, at BSI we seek to use this time to provide value-added feedback to promote business growth and development.  BSI's process recognizes that the quality management system has been in operation for sometime, and therefore we look back and look forward, to identify trends and opportunities for improvement from a third-party perspective.  We examine the system's advancement, and aim to provide insight into how the quality management system can continue to provide the information requisite to improve the performance of the business.

Transferring is easy
When you transfer from an accredited certification body to BSI, you will:

  • receive a BSI certificate.
  • receive semi-annual surveillance audits. The first audit will close out any of the minor non-conformities from your previous registrar's audit, and set up a 3 year re-assessment cycle to help your business to continually improve.

All you need to do is:

  • send a completed company profile so we can provide you with a quotation and an application form
  • send BSI your completed application form (with no application fee), with the following:
  • a photocopy of your current certification details (so we can verify the validity of your existing certification)
  • a photocopy of your last audit report (so we can verify that only minor non-conformities are outstanding)
  • a photocopy of the corrective action plan generated from the last audit report
    receive a pre-transfer site visit from a BSI representative.

There will normally be a charge for the site visit, and then for the semi-annual assessments and 3 year re-assessments, plus an annual management fee, and any industry sector imposed fees. There are no other hidden costs or charges.

* Please note: Steps may vary slightly based upon the standard you are currently certified to.

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