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Supply Chain

Security Training and Threat Awareness in the Supply Chain (eLearning)

This eLearning course on Security Training and Threat Awareness in the Supply Chain is designed to provide students with knowledge of supply chain security and to assist them in identifying threats to the supply chain within their organization.

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Occupational Health & Safety

How to identify and mitigate Occupational Health and Safety risk and hazards

Health and Safety in the workplace is a key issue for every organization and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) can help you protect your business and your employees. OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognized standard that defines the requirements that will allow you to identify and mitigate Health and Safety risks and hazards. Join us for our webinar and learn how a structured approach to OHS can strengthen your business, reduce the potential for accidents, and comply with relevant Health and Safety legislation.

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Essentials of OHSAS 18001:2007 - Elearning - One hour

BSI’s “Essentials of OHSAS 18001:2007” online course helps participants gain a better understanding of the “best practices” for occupational health and safety (OHSAS).


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Changes in AS9100C (eLearning) - 1 hour

Designed to provide a working understanding of the differences between SAE AS9100 Revision B and Revision C.

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ISO 9001

BSI Day – Webinar: A structure approach Root Cause Analysis with the Ishikawa Fishbone

Now that we've found a non-conformance, what's next? A stab in the dark at a 'fix' could do more harm than good if we fix the wrong thing. All we'll do is damage the credibility of our corrective action processes and create doubts about our abilities to fix the weaknesses in our Management System. By using the Ishikawa Fishbone diagram we can take a structured approach to getting to the root of the problem.

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BSI Day - Webinar: The 5 Most Evil Non-conformances and how to correct them

Some organizations still think Non-conformances are 'bad' things. This webinar will show you how non-conformances and opportunities for improvement are the fuel for the Continual Improvement CAR.

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BSI Day - Webinar: How to audit an integrated management system

Auditing an integrated management system presents special challenges. At the same time, the opportunities for improvements can be easier to spot, if the audit is carried out effectively. Synergies from this activity increase the payback you'll get from a well-executed integrated audit. Efficiencies go straight to the bottom line to add value to your audits.

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A Foundation for Effective Management, Continual Improvement and Financial Return- Recorder Webinar 1hr

Formal, internationally-accepted management system standards are critical to the profitability of many organizations.

Those who adopt ISO 9001 realize faster sales and employment growth, and are more likely to survive than non-adopters.

ISO 9001 is a foundation for effective management, continual improvement and financial return. As a management representative or quality manager, it is up to you to make a business case for adopting ISO 9001. Any concerns about the ROI should be dispelled when it is over.

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The Nuts and Bolts of ISO 9001 V2- Recorded Webinar 1hr

ISO 9001 is a framework used to develop a Quality Management System. A Quality Management System, such as ISO 9001, guarantees to your customers, suppliers, and shareholders that your goods and services will consistently be the highest quality.

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How to use your Quality Management System to drive profitability and make you more competitive- Recorded Webinar 1hr

Your ISO 9001 system may already be in place or you are now considering ISO Certification. Why not make the certification pay dividends for you? As part of the mandate of ISO 9001, you are required to continually improve – this activity can be profitable. All your improvements will make you more competitive and therefore, more valuable to your customers. Attend our webinar and learn how Customer Focus, the Process Approach, and Continual Improvement will provide you with powerful ways to add profit to your bottom line. Learn how you auditing your management system can help you find weaknesses within your business and help you strengthen and correct these weaknesses. Learn how the tools you have in place can allow you to get value out of your QMS and add to your bottom line.

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ISO/IEC 27001

Orientation to CAS Information Security - Recorded webinar - 2 hours

B.C. Government - Orientation to CAS Information Security

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OHSAS 18001

Making Sense of OHS Management - Recorded Webinar 1hr

This recorded webinar discusses OHS performance as a business proposition; limitations of compliance-focused OHS management; characteristics of an effective OHSMS; considerations; value.

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The Basics of OHSAS 18001 - Recorded Webinar 1hr

Gain better knowledge on how an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) can help your organization.

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Automating Your Internal ISO Audit Process-Webinar 1hr

This session will look specifically at how you can boost the performance of your system in order to improve control and provide effective and efficient audits and assessments.

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5 Ways to Improve your Internal ISO Audit Process-Webinar 1hr

This session will look specifically at how you can boost the performance of your system in order to improve control and provide effective and efficient audits and assessments.

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Internal Audit to Internal Control-Webinar 1hr

This recorded webinar discusses auditing for ISO and other internal assessments; common pitfalls of internal audit programs; benefits of software integration; and how this leads to internal control.

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Go Beyond the Spreadsheet-Webinar 1hr

Entropy Software is being used to reduce operational risk, ensure compliance, and drive continual improvement in businesses around the world. This webinar will explore the benefits of automating and enhancing your internal ISO process.

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Integrate your Management System-Webinar 1hr

This recorded webinar discusses a transition through ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and a myriad of new standards; companies create new teams to deal with that; integration of systems and functions; and how this can accelerate performance.

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ISO 14001

How to set Environmental Objectives to create long term Sustainability - Recorded Webinar 1hr

You’re aware of the intense global focus on environmental issues and you embrace the concept of sustainability. ISO 14001 is the leading global standard for best practice in environmental management and responsibility. Setting relevant Environmental objectives will demonstrate responsibility if they reflect sustainability. Join our webinar and learn how to create objectives that could empower you to achieve greater sustainability.

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BSI Canada - EMS Recorded Webinar 1hr

This is a recorded webinar titled "BSI Canada - EMS Recorded Webinar" that lasts approximately one hour and provides a high-level overview of Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001, and the certification process.

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The Aspects and Impacts of ISO 14001-Webinar 1hr

Join us and Learn about how ISO 14001 can provide a framework to help manage your organization’s environmental impact while allowing significant enhancements to your bottom line. An EMS assists businesses in identifying and realizing the environmental performance expectations of it stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, employees, local communities, and regulators.

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