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Industry sectors - butterfliesOur range of industry sectors covered worldwide.

Find out more about the key issues and drivers for management systems for your industry sector as well as detailed information on the services, standards and schemes relevant to your business.


The highly regulated aerospace sector has exacting demands and controls that ensure the safety and reliability of aircraft, equipment, materials, services and operations.

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From car makers to component suppliers, efficiency and quality are central to the automotive industry and in most cases are a license to trade.

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Construction & Building

The construction industry is facing increasing pressure to consider its environmental impact, both in its use of materials and resources and in the sustainability of completed projects.

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Energy & Utilities

Water, gas and electricity are essential components to the healthy functioning of any society but supplying them sustainably is a vital goal for any company involved in energy generation.

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Food & Drink

The food sector attracts considerable consumer interest in relation to food safety, product quality, social accountability and ethical issues.

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Healthcare & Medical devices

Quality and safety are paramount to the delivery of effective healthcare services.

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ICT & Telecommunications

Quality and security are integral to the delivery of effective and reliable IT and telecommunications services.

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Public Sector

Efficiency, quality and value for money are vital to the delivery of services within the public sector.

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Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics sector is an extremely competitive marketplace, where time, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction are key.

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Service Sector

Customer focus, efficiency and quality are vital to the delivery of services throughout the service sector.

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